Andrew: Resident Scholar

This character is always one of my favorites. Something about intellects. His roots dig far back to somewhat embarassing beginnings in roleplays I did during middle school. All the same, he's hung onto his strongest features and no matter where I put him, he always shines. He's got a sharper tongue than any of my other characters. His physical appearance may have come farther than any of my other recurring characters, beginning with the scary spiky and gravity-defying hair (also starkly white) from Yuugiou and settling into a ginger with a ponytail and sideburns (it's okay, he's the right age to have been a hippie).

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Bakura | A Decade Ago

Sadly, the roots of my creative endeavors are entangled with...Yuugiou. I started writing in my adolescence about horribly dubbed anime and took over some of the characters, such as "Bakura," to spin them into stories of my own. Discounting "Myoku" as a child, Bakura was actually the first remaining character I started writing. He was a crooked bandit with his wits right about him, and really, really terrible hair.

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Atermist | Nikkei

By the time I wrote Nikkei, I was so eager to put in every single character I could think of, no matter the size of the role I gave them. I inserted Atermist as the father of the father of the main cast (of teenagers between 14 years old and 17 years old), and just for the sake of laughs I made him a panther. However that works.

Andrew Eckhardt | Rebels

I totally started getting a handle on Andrew through this graphic novel. He played the fierce confidante to the story's slightly unhinged lead, Erik. Andrew here was an intelligent and politically-minded professor active in the half-vampire civil rights movement, but Erik got him more involved than he bargained for.

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Pastor Andrew Stillwater | The Terror of Night

So I count Andrew as Andrew by origins in this story, but I significantly altered his character for this story, especially as the revisions of the story progressed. I think I opted out of making Andrew bitter and grumpy because frankly the story needed a character to make dumb jokes and always give a smile to the rather tortured cast. So he got gentle and not really that smart compared to his usual self, becoming the critical spiritual informant for this story, with no background in teaching except from the pulpit.

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Caiaphas Vidasche | Cadence

Andrew got in touch with his magic side for the first time in "Cadence," playing a terminally ill night magician with a crazy brother (Danyil, known as Lannen). His morals were ambiguous and at the end of the day he had good intentions which went critically awry, ultimately ending in his demise. Despite this he had a few good one-liners and his classic dry wit showed up one or two times.

Find | Farewell, Fairytale

In "Farewell, Fairytale", Andrew managed to maintain his sophisticated British sass even though he was a little white dragon for a large part of the story. As a magician that was cursed in order to halt him from crossing between Caelum and Earth (though of course that didn't stop him), Andrew offers sage advice and loyal support to the story's protagonist, Sophie. He didn't have any burning ethical dilemmas or emotional breakdowns this time around, but he wasn't the softie that he was in "Redefining Evil."

Andrew Vidasche | Catcher

"Catcher" is definitely Andrew's story. In this, he unifies his snarly, grumpy intellect with his tender, though neglected heart. "Catcher" is really a story of heart winning over obligations and incudes Andrew at the head of a small but dynamic cast, including his recently orphaned niece Evelynne, his assistant, the half-fairy half-man Karoh, and Phoebe, the prostitute who wins and changes Andrew's heart.

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Andrew Vidasche | Unface

"Unface" is a super short novel where I didn't try hard to establish a huge base of characters. It consists of the heroine Ashlyn, an art student coming to terms with a lost friendship in a dramatic way. She gets stuck in her dreams and Andrew, who takes the role of my own former high school art teacher, serves as her guide as she fights to win control back over her life rather than getting lost in her dream world. Andrew doesn't get that much time to be sassy but he does live by himself with two cats and his found art projects, so that's good.

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Andrew Vidasche | Code: Compromised

Andrew stars in Code: Compromised alongside Micah. He's a reclusive genius, and is considered the best Code Summoner in the world. But after increasing fears that the Scripts he summons are out to kill him, he takes on a mediocre student Micah Stillwater to be his successor. But Micah's charm quickly softens Andrew up and everything he's trying to work towards with an apprentice is compromised by his mutual affection for the younger man. This is Andrew in his purest form: kind, brilliant, and of course, British.

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