About the Story

format: novel
length: 30,243
when: 2010
best part of the process: digging into the sentimentality of a gruff character
worst part of the process: difficult to fill out the details
Andrew Vidasche is a grumpy man who hates his job. But his job isn't an office job, or a teaching job, or even a law enforcement job. No -- Andrew Vidasche catches fairies. It is a dangerous job he makes possible through the use of glass-blowing himself charmed bottles to catch the fairies.

His only assistant is the half-fairy, half-man, Karoh -- that is, until he takes custody of Evelynne Meadows. His niece, a brooding sixteen-year-old with as much attitude as Andrew, shakes up his routine and forces Andrew to confront the unethical behavior required of him by his tyrannical boss, The Captain.

In this concise, tender story of courage and companionship, old magic meets new heart with plenty of laughter and tears along the way.


Andrew is the only one of the three recurring characters to appear in "The Catcher." This is his sixth story appearance.

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