Micah: Timeless, Tangible

When I was twelve I invented a character I called Myoku, just in the confines of a little storytelling game played with a friend. For the last ten years, this charater has been everywhere in my work, both in my stories and in my random art. During an embarrassing period of my life in middle school, all my friends (no, all my friends) knew Myoku by name. Pretty quickly I tweaked his image from resembing a Yuugiou character to resembling a character from "Hikaru no Go" (accidentally). Over the years, he's matured right along with me from adolescence into adulthood. His image mirrored mine, from baggy sweatshirts to explosive color to neat vests and chucks.

Though a large part of his life is kept to myself, during my last semester of my senior year of college he gained some fame. Since I tinker around with him in my normal artwork he ended up in a neat experimental piece that is listed as the last image below. I casually submitted him to my senior art show and he ended up being selected as the winner of the Clair and Gladys Strommen Meaningful Work award. Along with a $500 cash prize, Micah's dumb face will be displayed at my school for the next year as the first ever meaningful artwork recipient. Nobody will ever know just how meaningful he is to me or how amazing it was that I can credit his dumb face for this honor.

Images of Micah Over the Years

These are listed chronologically. Roughly. I'm terrible at dating my work.

Myoku Sato | Nikkei

Myoku was the over-protective big brother and comedic relief for "Nikkei." He was in the heat of the drama of the story and became Nikkei's best "bro." He made way too many dumb jokes and frequently physically assaulted Nikkei, and in that sense he was a lot like my own big brother. Since "Nikkei" was the story that pulled all my important characters into my writing, Micah has always maintained the rough-around-the-edges sense of loyalty and definitely his ridiculous sense of humor that was born out of the pages of Nikkei.

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Chris Stevens | Rebels

Admittedly, Micah or "Chris" got lost in a very aggressive cast in this manga. He was a human witness to the Rebels movement and essentially got dragged into the fray. Though his role is ultimately important and endearing, he doesn't shine like he usually does in this story. But his physical image does begin to become refined. Chris Stevens was the name of a soldier I knew from the church I grew up going to.

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Micah Stillwater | Sanctus (short story)

So I don't consider "Sanctus" as part of my cannon of work because it's half a finished manga and a 33-page story. It didn't take me long to write nor did it make a lasting impression on me. All the same, Micah's character is pretty interesting. Confined to a wheelchair, Micah's an emotionally exhausted Christian charged by the angel Azrael to take care of a really messed up teenage kid, Jeremiah. Micah's resistance drives the story and his eventual repentance creates its conclusion. This story was interesting and very tightly controlled, as was Micah's character.

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Micah Evereaux | The Terror of Night

Not to pretend like I don't have a thing for Micah as the angsty asshole, in RE I push him to his absolute worst for the sake of yanking him to his knees by the conclusion of the novel. This is true even dating back to the original graphic novel (in which he became a vampire). Micah's dedication to his father and sister make him fiercely vengeful towards those that have harmed them. Despite his deep-rooted anger, in both the graphic novel and the novel he gets in a few really great one-liners.

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Colyn/Micah | Cadence

In the original graphic novel, Colyn was the "little brother" of the Forest King. He was cheeky and loyal and looked like his usual dashing self. The same is true in the updated graphic novel, which is from where this picture originates. Colyn was some sort of mysterious forest spirit being and he was engaged to marry Ariel, the princess of the river, who was suspiciousy similar to his sister Lacy from RE. Since Colyn was a hideous name, I changed his name back to Micah when I was rewriting the story.

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Micah Stillwater | Farewell, Fairytale

Adopting his "older" look for the first time, Micah plays the fiance of the heroine's older sister, Elodie, from "Rebels." He's as stable as he's ever been and jumps into the fray created by Sophie and her otherworldly thief, Fyodor. Micah's funny and easygoing and tender to his fiance. He was easy to write and it was refreshing stepping out of his typically dark and/or brooding persona and into something lighter.

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Isaac Mahaniya | Sun-Walking

Playing the brother of the long-lost Sun-Walker, Levi, Micah or "Isaac" gets to grow up a litte bit. He gets along well with the heroine Lucienne but he's made some dumb choices. For the first time, he plays an artist. Isaac's got some epic lines. Also, as a younger brother rather than older he has an interesting vulnerable aspect to his character that wasn't even seen in "Cadence." He's got a really endearing role in the story, but he isn't in on a big part of the story's action-packed scenes.

***UPDATE*** So last week I decided to turn this character into a woman, but keep all of Isaac's dialogue and mannerisms. So...it's kind of still him...but it is amazing what switching his gender did as far as creating a really unique female character for this story. Ha...ha.

Micah Taylor | Unface

Sadly, Micah doesn't get to see any of the action in this short novel. Representing a good friend of mine and married to another good friend of mine, Micah gets to scold his younger sister, the protagonist Ashlyn, for her dreaminess. He still manages to get in some lewd jokes in the few short scenes in which he appears.

Micah Stillwater | Code: Compromised

Micah gets in touch with his sweet and vulnerable side in this tale centered around him and Andrew. He hasn't undergone any of the trauma that lead to his meanness in the other stories he's been in, so he's much softer. He's also bisexual, which started to make sense for him a while ago and was able to be one of the central themes in this story. Micah's a below average computer programming student with the ability to Summon the Scripts he writes to use demons at will. He's been crazy about master Code Summoner Andrew Vidasche for years, and when he's selected to be Andrew's apprentice, he falls for the older gentleman almost immediately. D'aww.

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A Visual History of Micah Outside of Manga