About the Story

format: graphic novel
length: 298 pages
when: february-june 2020
best part of the process: very tight, focused story
worst part of the process: i mean, it doesn't look awesome
Imagine our modern world if demons could be harnessed for summoning using computer programming languages. The nerds would truly rule the world. Andrew Vidasche is the top Code Summoner in the world, and he's been feeling increasingly paranoid. The Scripts he summons leave pieces of their darkness behind and they whisper things to him in the night. Even though he has his faithful Codey Ada to protect him from the others like her, he decides he needs to train a successor for himself. That's where Micah Stillwater comes in. He's an average student with a passion for Code Summoning - and also for his new teacher, Andrew. It's comfortable and sweet when their love blooms, but they both have baggage and it isn't long before danger is creeping closer. Micah and Andrew have to team up with Ada to confront Micah's biggest Error yet - Peel, his childhood Codey, who is bent on destroying the master Code Summoner Vidasche.


I will always always always credit "A Sorcery of Thorns" by Margaret Rogerson for being the original inspiration for this story. I thought, I've always loved demon summoning stories (Bartimaeus does make an appearance in this graphic novel!), but I've never been sure what I could add to it. Until I realized computer programming would be the PERFECT contemporary platform for a demon summoning! It was fun and natural from that point on. I used my iPad and a note-taking app called Notability to write all 298 pages of this story. I was sketchy, loose, and uncritical - for the first time in a decade! I'm so proud of completing this. I'm proud of Andrew and Micah. I began scheming their love some time ago and realized this story was perfect for them to come together.

Images from the Story