About the Story

format: graphic novel
length: 4 volumes each app. 200 pages (printer paper) in length
when: dec. 2004-dec. 2005
best part of the process: seriously made me believe in myself
worst part of the process: the quality is...not spectacular
When Shani Sato discovers that her precious housecat, Nikkei, has the ability to turn himself into a quasi-human, well, mostly she's just mad he revealed this to her while she was in her bath towel. But the consequences for this discovery are greater than that, and Nikkei leads Shani and her brother Myoku into his dangerous past. Hunting him is the fearsome vampire Eripmav Kaehn, who blames Nikkei for the death of his father many years ago. It doesn't make matters simpler that Nikkei's half-sister, the half-cat, half-vampire Kyasai, has had a child with Eripmav's little brother Alucard.

In this feverish, heartwarming story of loyalty and faith, Nikkei will capture your love till the last tragic scene in this four-volume manga.


Written when I was in 7th and 8th grade, Nikkei was my first-ever graphic novel, and by far my most personal. This story rounded out some of the most important characters of my writing career, such as Shani and Myoku's father Takai (later to become Julian Evereaux of Redefining Evil), and of course Myoku himself. Additionally, the events of Nikkei laid the groundworks for Redefining Evil, which was intended as a sequel to Nikkei. It still includes some of the same premises and many of the same characters and relationships.

Images from the Story