About the Story

format: originally graphic novel; better developed as a novel
length: original graphic novel 223 pages; novel 69,332 words
when: original graphic novel 2007; novel last worked in 2012
best part of the process: i have never been more committed to a single story than i am to this one
worst part of the process: losing enthusiasm for the themes of the story (vampires and redemption)

RE has a complicated history and many, many layers. I wanted to include it here so as to not put into question its important role in my journey as a writer and as an illustrator. The story still has its own part of the website and I don't want to repeat what's there.

(Official Book Blurb)

Dealing with an oppressive chain of losses in the lives of Julian Evereaux and his family isn't easy when they must accept the protection of Danyil Kaehn, a vampire that has haunted Julian's memories for years. Confronting the dakness with Danyil means fighting to be spared from the bloodthirsty threat of a possessed, mentally disturbed vampire, and in this battle, old prejudices and fears must be overcome.

Images from the Story

Given that I'm sometimes more of an illustrator than a writer, as well as the manga roots of Redefining Evil, I have a lot of visuals to go with the characters; their interactions; and moments and ideas from the book. Here's a collection of them for you to explore.