What Does This Even Mean...?

So, I'm one of those writers that "recycles" a lot of the same characters through my varied projects over the years. I like to think it's with a fond wink rather than the attitude of, "Man, I don't know how to make new characters...I'd better just use old ones." I have a slightly unsettling attachment to my characters, in fact. There are four in particular that come to mind when I think of uncomfortable attachments.

During the latest restructuring of the website I decided I needed to include Ingrid in the recurring characters camp. She's shown up just as often as Andrew and Danyil and got tangled with Micah on multiple counts. I also decided to drop the pages for anyone but Micah as Micah is the key and the others usually just show up to support him honestly.

My favorite part of the last year or so is when I've been adding tattoos to character designs I have NOT had any sort of consistency haha. Micah's circuit board cuff keeps changing wrists because I just put it on the one that's more visible in whatever I'm drawing. And plus it only became cannon in Code: Compromised. Ingrid's covered in tattoos but they're kind of hard to add to illustrations, so early on I would just copy and paste tattoo designs onto her. I like the ones I have added to her in the home page image so I'll probably start keeping with them, especially the candle. She's got a dagger on her ribs but it's only visible if she's looking slutty.
In this layout drawing I gave Andrew a Millenium Ring tattoo which is I find FUCKING HILARIOUS and is 100% cannon now because I am god and I say so.

Images of Micah, Andrew, Ingrid, and Danyil